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Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

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Also knowm as the municipal Water Puppet Theatre, this is possibly the best place, not just in Hanoi, but in the entire country, to see performances of the traditional art of Roi Nuoc or Water Puppetry

The showmanship is excellent as master puppeteers make extensive use of dramatic music from the traditional orchestra and startling special effects, such as smoke, firecrackers, and water-spraying dragon puppets to create a lively performance. At the end of the show, the bamboo curtain behind the watery stage rises to show the puppeteers, standing waist deep in water. Seats closest to the stage provide superb opportunities for photography.

The art of the water puppetry

Water Puppet in Vietnamese original folk art, which came into being for a long time. Sung Thien Dien Link stele was erected on Doi Pagoda – Duy Tien District – Hanam Province in 1121 ( Ly dynasty) written: Water puppet used to be performed in the longevity ceremony of the King.

Water puppet art was original from the Red River Delta, which reflex real life of Vietnamese farmers. Long time ago, the folk puppet program of The Vietnam National Puppetry Theatre became food for the mind, and a pride of Vietnamese people.

Water Puppet has been performed in many countries by The Vietnam National Puppetry Theatre such as France, Italy, Netherland, Australia, Japan, England, Sweden, Denmark, The Philippines, Canada,…

The folk water puppet program of The Vietnam National Puppetry Theatre consists of many performances: Dragon Dance, Two unicorns fighting for the ball, Phoenix dance, and the uninterrupted performances in the agriculture such as cultivating, harvesting, rice grinding, rice pounding,…

  • Add: 57B Dinh Tien Hoang Str., Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tel: +84 24 39364335
  • Performances take place all day of the week
  • Time: 14:30 PM – 15:30 PM – 18:30 PM – 20:00 PM – 21:00 PM (Sunday Morning: 9:00 AM)
  • Ticket Price: 60.000 VND/Ticket – 100.000 VND/Ticket


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